A Little Back Story

As things progress in the development and setup of the SkyCraft network servers, I wanted to provide some information on what’s been happening as well as what will be happening leading up to the release date, which will be February 29, 2020!

SkyCraft started as Quack Worlds which was just a single world plotworld. This project has evolved from a single server plotworld into a network of 6 servers with more in development right now to be released after the initial release. Let’s break down what will be made available to the public on the initial release date and what is planned for release in the future.

Initial Release (Feb 29, 2020):

  • Server Spawn
  • Survival
  • Creative
  • Islands

Future Releases (TBA):

  • Kingdoms
  • Wastelands

Why another MC server?

SkyCraft exists to be a fun and friendly environment for supporters of Jasper’s live streams (Binky, the founder of SkyCraft) and community Minecrafters alike. It’s completely free to join and thus is heavily moderated to ensure hackers and bots and griefers are dealt with swiftly, while keeping things uninterrupted and enjoyable for the rest of the players.

We’re not so different, better, or worse than most other Minecraft communities, however we are still something of our own here. We love Minecraft and we love the community of builders and players.

Update on Release Date Expectation: Feb 29th 2020!

Things are coming along quite well and you should expect to see a full public release later this month. As of this update post, all servers that are part of the initial release are ready to go but still being tested just to be sure. More updates to come. Join our Discord community to stay on top of updates.

Hope you are as excited as I am!