Privacy Policy

Basic Breakdown of What We Store

Firstly, we don’t give anyone access to your information. We keep as little information as possible for the simple reason that we don’t need it. We’re not a business and we do not profit from your data.

For the sake of accountability, we log your IP address. Your IP address is not seen or used for any other purpose than for banning or blocking access to our website (, our Discord server, and our game servers.

In-game, we log all players Minecraft player names, UUID’s and skin data in the server cache. This is to provide access to the servers as well as other unique in-game features such as prefixes, group permissions, cosmetics, and various other plugins that utilise this information.

All plugins on our servers are blocked from sending any and all information about our players, community, and servers to third party developers and marketing/advertising schemes. This aligns with our belief for privacy being inherently core to our community.

Outside of the in-game social experience, our main community social hangout is our Discord server. We only ever see your username, tag, avatar, mutual servers, and mutual friends. All your other data is managed by Discord in a way that aligns with their privacy policy. Refer to Discord’s privacy policy to learn more about what data they collect and how it’s used.

Breach Procedure

As much as we would love to say breach is impossible, we cannot. Realistically, there will always be a way. That being said, we make it our utmost priority to make that as difficult and rare as possible. If a breach should ever occur, action will be taken to safeguard your data. This will usually be either be a lockdown or shutdown of our servers until we can investigate and remedy the problem. In cases where things are severe, we may self destruct the data pools just to ensure they can never end up in the wrong hands. Pebblehost provides hosting and security of our servers.


Our website back-end and front-end structure is powered by WordPress. It is a good idea to review their privacy policy here to learn more about how your data is collected and processed by them.

Reclaiming Your Data

To have your data permanently cleared from our server cache, Discord server, and website you may contact us at and action will be taken to ensure that your information is properly deleted from all of our servers/communities.

Suggestions / Good Privacy Tips

Firstly, we recommend you never provide personal details to anyone within this community or even outside of it. No staff member will ever ask you for personal information.

Services like Facebook and Google will track all kinds of actions and information from your usage. We recommend using DuckDuckGo and ProtoVPN during your browsing experiences.