When You Join

Upon joining SkyCraft, you’ll be placed into the Server Spawn, a central location where you’ll be able to access the various gamemode servers by going through the portals or by using the compass item given to you when you landed.

Please note: as new gamemodes are added, they will have portals added to Spawn as well as entries added to the compass for even easier teleportation. You can join those gamemodes by returning to the hub.

At spawn, you’ll have access to anvils, crafting tables, enchanting stations, an in-game store for buying items and mob spawners, and a ton of little hidden treasures, events, and mysteries to keep you busy when you’re not in a specific gamemode server.

Of our various gamemodes, one of the more traditional is the Survival server. If you fancy playing Survival, head to the Survival world and type /rtp in the chat to be teleported to a random location where you can start your Survival experience. If you don’t like the location, just use /rtp again. Once you find a place you like, setup your home and get started. You can start your land claim with a golden shovel. As you play and continue to be active on the server you will accumulate more claim blocks over time. Another way to get a small boost to your total claim blocks is by using /vote on the servers. This will prompt you to vote for SkyCraft on server listing sites and one of the rewards is claim blocks.

Feel free to return to Spawn (using the /spawn command) as much as you like to use the community resources or simply hangout with other players.

Welcome to SkyCraft!

Server Selection

Server selection can be done by entering any of the portals set up in Spawn Server or by using the compass item. Each server has their own set of warps to key locations. Check out the full list of warps below.

World Warps

To visit a warp, simply type /Warp warpName or just the /warp command to see a GUI listing all the available warps. You will need to be on the respective server to use the warps on that server. You can use the compass to take you back to the Spawn Server where you will be able to take portals to the different game modes/servers available.

Survival Server:
/warp Hub
/warp Town
/warp Battle_Arena
/warp The_End
/warp Mob_Farm
/warp Wither_Skeleton_Farm
/warp Guardian_Farm
/warp Blaze_Farm
/warp Gold_Farm

SkyBlock Server:
/warp Hub
/warp Leaderboard
/warp Shops
/warp Achievements