Welcome to SkyCraft

Play Minecraft | Chat with Friends | Explore Worlds

Varied Gamemodes

From action to RP to casual and creative, our gamemodes are designed for everyone.

Seasonal Events

As the seasons come and go, so do our rotating community events. Get festive.

Community First

We are a community powered by the community. Powered by you, the player!

Rotating Minigames

Every 30 days, a brand new minigame is rotated into the SkyCraft!

Epic Quests

Legendary quests, adventures, journeys, and friendships await your arrival.

Top Performance

Uncompromising hardware specifications for smooth, fast, and lag-free gaming.

Why Here, Why Now

We’re here to make sure our players have the best Minecraft multiplayer experience around while always preserving that “small community” charm. What better time than now to create a place where players can enjoy a variety of gamemodes and experience adventures and journey together.


Come together with like-minded players and make each adventure your own.


Engage with players and create friendships and companions for your adventure.


Take a journey to the vast wilds of our survival worlds Kingdoms, or Factions.

The conversation just started on Discord!

Community Updates

Find out everything going on with the server as well as when to expect new gamemodes, features, updates, and events!


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